Blink (aka Blink Media) was a partnership best known for it’s exploration of the creative potential of mobile phones between 1999 and 2009. This is an archive site.


Co founded in Huddersfield in 1999 by Lisa Roberts and Andrew Wilson, Blink enjoyed ten years of experimentation that stretched the ubiquitous technologies of the day to fit the needs and context of the user.

Our cross-disciplinary, multi-platform work has created original and effective combinations of science, film, mobile phones, real world games, RFID, Bluetooth, performance, literature, theatre, new media technologies, interactive architecture, community and public art.

Here are a few examples of what we got up to.

2008 Five Trees Forest / Secret Life of Cumbria / Relay / Free London’s Monsters!

2007 MOViES / Lifesize / Standing on Ceremony / Anywhereblogs Bus Stop Project / Free Manchester’s Monsters! / Echo / Lewes Castle Interactive Project

2006 Genie / We Love Technology / RFID Snakes and Ladders / Anywhereblogs Manchester / Anywhereblogs Manchester and India / Illuminatetxt /

2005 Bluevend / Graft

2004 Areacode / Low Budget Lottery Award / Pocket Shorts / Viewpoint / Surface Patterns / Anywhereblogs

2003 City Poems / Text Messages book / G8WAY

2002 Guardian Text Poetry Competition / Short Circuits Commissions

2001 Guardian Text Poetry Competition

2000 Centrifugalforces / The Bus Stop Poems

1999 Short Circuits

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